The Secret - 2017

by Mabel Greer's Toyshop

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    The second album from the band established in 1966, morphed into the band 'Yes' in 1968 and reformed in 2013. Founder members Clive Bayley and Bob Hagger are joined by bass player Hugo Barré and Max Hunt on keyboards for nine brand new songs. Peter Banks posthumously appears on 'The Secret' courtesy of The Peter Banks Musical Estate, represented by Daniel Earnshaw.

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Big Brother, Little Brother Music and lyrics by Clive Bayley You promised us that we could stay forever in our land It just meant nothing You told us we would be all right greeting you with open hands It meant nothing. You said we could live here, it was always a lie You told us you would help us, but you were never going to try It all meant nothing You offered us your treasure We said it wasn't right It meant nothing You made us sign some papers that you made up in the night It just meant nothing You wiped out our traditions to always keep us weak Fed us with your firewater and kicked us in the street It all meant nothing You moved us to another place, you said it was best It was just a way to take our world to make sure we had less It was just nothing, it was nothing, it was nothing But now the world you made is falling by the way Your greed and anger killing all the dreams you had to play It all means nothing, nothing, it means nothing Your time is up, the wind has changed Your systems in the ditch, it puts you in the grave Where will you turn to fix it when the rain turns into piss Your time is up, the wind has changed Your systems in the ditch, it puts you in the grave Where will you turn to fix it, when the rain turns into piss
Love's Fire 05:39
Love’s Fire Music by Clive Bayley Lyrics from a poem by Dr. Javad Nurbakhsh Loves fire for a life-time, it burned my heart and soul Until my beloved showed me the way of love Loves jealousy gave me no chance to cry out It sewed my lips from speaking, from speaking out Like a moth out of passion I circled you so much That it burned like the candle kindling me for every crowd He's stored me in the heart of time So that in this age I could amplify the whisperings of love I am the slave of the master of the Holy fire From myself He bought me Then he sold me for the price of the taverns wine Oh my friend oh my friend drunkenly said With the breath of the beloved, he drunkenly said Loves fire for a lifetime it burnt my heart and soul.
Turning To The Light Music by Clive Bayley & Max Hunt with special thanks to Tchaikovsky. Lyrics by Clive Bayley I know what I am here, weightless light I’m everything Everywhere with no need but love to reel me in To make it through your life, you thought it was for the best As life went on you leapt from me, and stayed hidden from the stress I am just a thought, only your idea your idea is just a thought Its time to set me free, just let go and be Take the step, make the bet, it's all because of me Just take away that veil that quietly crept up on you Set it free, set it free, you know its what should be I am a just a thought, only your idea Of that I am so clear And I knew it all along, couldn't see it but felt it's touch I searched for it outside so much And now its come inside, where it’s always stayed to hide It smiled back at me, saying I am you and you are me I want to see you but I'm caught up in myself A life of struggle, not much thought, nothing for myself Life opens with a kiss, like a flower on my lips A world just of bliss And now the fog is lifting, the day is full of light A gentle breeze awakes the sleep and sets us for the fight Free to think again, free to see again Free from the claws of life, the doubt, the trouble and the strife Life opens up like a flower with a kiss, a kiss on my lips Just remove the veil that quietly crept up on you Turning to the light, turning to the light You’re turning, turning to the light A thought, an idea, whose thought? Whose idea? What’s the difference with others who are me? No desire but love, no more thoughts to turn, no desire but love, No more thoughts to turn, no desire but love
Angel Sent 04:06
Angel Sent Music and lyrics by Clive Bayley with special thanks to Ludwig Van Beethoven A starlit night, a game of dice, a gamble with life's desire A memory, a way of life, a vision from afar Where have all the people gone, lost in space Or are they on the run Haven't seen a smiling face Not felt a warm embrace Just a desert in the sun How much longer, to walk this road Before my breath is still What have I got to do to find you Find you in this world Is this a dream, or is it real Or are you just an Angel sent? To guide me on this way of life Look into your eyes, you’re an Angel in disguise I want to touch your hair, look into your eyes But in my dream you disappear You’re just an image in my mind You’re just a moments prayer Slipping through my bewildered mind I take a breath, to still the air In that precious space, I see your face And my feeling tells me you are there I want to hold your hand, when I'm alone, when I'm alone To feel your grace when I'm at home A place that we can share A place we can share, place we can share You’re just my Angel, my Angel, my Angel Somewhere in my mind I can't see your face But I know that you are there.
More and More Music and lyrics by Clive Bayley Been all around Chicago and been all around New York Have not found a bit yet that feels like home Better keep on searching and just go it alone Travelled east & travelled west is it fun or just a test Can you always see something new Are you running from the truth City life, fun and spice, urban scene, adman’s dream Play the game to get more you'll find it, find it all in our store I bought my soul from a Macy's counter Red white and blue in a cotton binder When I crossed the street to Saks changed my mind gave it back The girl put out to me thought I might buy her wares It was only glass bottle with an ounce of coloured smells She tried so hard to catch my eye I was good at being vague With staring to the sky Staring at my pocket she saw another sales docket One more shot at the guy with a lot how could she know I had given it away what chance a sale when all I want is play Then I woke up in Japan was it just another plan A diversion from aversion or was it always a scam No just an escape from a game that's become very tame It's just a flight out in the night in my minds aeroplane Do you like this town I said with a frown Can I cheer you up she said like a clown Just a spray, no need to pay see how you feel See if it's real I offered my hand but just as she tipped it I ran fingers across her lipstick A word in your ear my beautiful seller Step down just a moment from being a go-getter Close your eyes to this town drift your thoughts far away To a place without gadgets without perfumes and fabrics No, just an escape from a game that's become very tame Just a flight in the night, in my minds aeroplane Come through the gates, don't be late We need to sell you more and more Come through the gates, we need to sell you more More and more, more
Swan 05:31
Swan Lyrics by Clive Bayley, music by Clive Bayley and Max Hunt, influenced by the music from Swan Lake by Tchaikovsky. It’s alright, the day is bright The journey’s on, it won’t be long You’ll be there soon, before the moon, Lights up your dream, your journey’s theme Stay awake, stay awake Don’t waste the day It soon is night we’re stepping on our way Be alive, be alive, it soon is night, the time is swept away Open up, open up, open to the night As the moon and the stars, they all give you light Beware, be aware, stare into those dreams Are they all what they seem? This moment is now, it’s not just a dream What you feel is the stage Where your play turns the page What you think is the curtain that keeps you away Away from yourself, it’s the actor today Like a swan in the sky, learning to fly Lifting its weight, no more cares about fate Death defying its gravity With a flap of the wings Reaching to see like a bird on the wing That stalls in its flight and plunges to earth Trying to swim The weight of itself pressing down, pressing down No more fight no more flight Falling to the ground, hardly making a sound Such a sorry sight
Image Of Existence Music by Clive Bayley Lyrics from a poem by Dr Javad Nurbakhsh Come and be drowned, come and be drowned Come and let us wash away the image of existence And no longer speak of I and we Come let all those thoughts drift away Forget both worlds and be silent Come but beware of the shame of knowing Send those endless lines of learning from your head Come so we can cast far away all things that may be said And blind our eyes to all there is to see We will be strangers to all and seem mad in eyes of rational men Come and be drowned Come we will empty ourselves of self And leave behind the shame of I and we Come and welcome un-fulfillment For we do not suppose self desire to be the goal Come but be aware the pain of knowing Send those endless lines of learning from your head Come so we can cast far away all things that may be said And blind our eyes to all there is to see We will be strangers to all And seam mad in the eyes of rational men Come and be drowned in the ocean of unity Free from all thoughts of union and separation As this world, is not even worth a grain of sand Other than what is old and new it is nothing
You 06:43
You Music and lyrics by Clive Bayley I see you searching in my dreams or waiting here Will I find you with your golden curls of hair? I’ll hear you, you’re lighting up my sky A butterfly flaps it’s wings in China The ripples pass over me in silence in the air I can feel you now I see you everywhere, over there I can hear you now You lighten up my sky and lighten up my dreams The storyline follows me in silence A way of life comes to me in silence for us to share The preacher he was always wrong Never listened to my story Never thought of anyone else Too much praying to his glory for himself It doesn’t mean to be like this There’s too much praise and not much bliss A gentle breeze to send my kiss I know it will never miss I’ll send you my kiss You’re so near me now, so close to me now Closer than my jugular vein that beats out a rhythm to me You’re so close, you’re so close, you’re so close The ocean tide, the waves of love, the forest dawn, the morning sun take away all my aching, take away your pain
The Secret 06:09
The Secret Music and lyrics by Clive Bayley & Max Hunt. Influenced by Gustav Holst. Guitar parts by Peter Banks Look, look again What you think you see is me And not me, look, look again What you think you see is just a reflection I am an image in your mind For you to realize and find that it’s me A picture, like in a thought that’s apart from it, be free See that its just one, a story that all and none Just a tapestry of life, a brief moment in time Not tomorrow, not the future, not the past They don’t really exist The secret of the secret Look deeper into your heart It’s always been there right from the start Give it up, give it up the timeline of you For you can live outside of it And think that it’s all true Look again, I am imagination in your mind Look again for you to find Look again, look again Look again, look again You are the secret, you are the secret of life You are the secret in sum of you Look again, look again


Former Yes guitarist Peter Banks posthumously rejoins Mabel Greer for the last song on the album “The Secret” which was written to celebrate 50 years of Peter and Chris Squire joining the group in September 1967. The song includes guitar parts played by Peter Banks and is included in the album. “We did it because reading of Peter’s passing in 2013 was the catalyst for meeting Bob Hagger again and coming up with the crazy idea of re-forming Mabel Greer. The result is that we have now produced two albums, and released re-mastered BBC tapes from 1967 on the EP ‘Images’”; said Clive Bayley.

Bayley and Hagger first met in 1966 - a time when the London underground music scene was an impressive force for future development of a different kind of rock music. Clive at sixteen years old, had already been playing music in a band since the age of 13, he was writing his own compositions and already had an idea of what kind of music he wanted to perform. Bob had previously been for an audition in the band ‘The Syn’. The bass player happened to be Chris Squire and the guitarist Peter Banks, it wasn’t long before they both joined Bob and Clive in Mabel Greer’s Toyshop and the seeds of ‘Yes’ were planted. In early 1968, Jon Anderson also joined the group, in June Bill Bruford replaced Bob and Tony Kaye joined on keyboards. But in August of that year Clive left the band and they changed name to ‘Yes’.


released December 8, 2017

Produced by Max Hunt at Force Ten Productions and Mabel Greer's Toyshop.
Album artwork by Onur Senturk and

Clive Bayley, vocals and guitars
Bob Hagger, drums and percussion
Hugo Barré, bass guitar
Max Hunt, keyboards
Peter Banks, guitar on the track "The Secret"
Peter Banks posthumously appears courtesy of The Peter Banks Musical Estate, represented by Daniel Earnshaw.
Special thanks to David Watkinson for his encouragement and assistance with the CD and booklet.


all rights reserved



Mabel Greer's Toyshop London, UK

The band Mabel Greer's Toyshop changed its name to "Yes" in 1968. The original founders re-established Mabel in 2013, releasing the album "New Way Of Life" featuring Billy Sherwood & Tony Kaye.

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